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Bakery Branding

I’m sure you have clicked on this blog, you must be a baker who plans to start their own bakery or a designer like me looking for some inspiration. But don’t worry I have something for you both, so do read ahead.

Along with the tasty dishes that you bake, branding plays a very important part in owning a business. Your branding and your communications have to be simple and on point. Branding is not just about designing a logo but creating a complete visual identity for your business. It includes a logo, your social media creatives, your online ads, flyers, brochures, menu cards, website, packaging and even the overall vibe that your brand conveys as the customer walks into your store or sees it online.

Your banding is very important to target the right customers.

Eg. If your major audience is kids birthday parties, naming ceremonies, baby showers then your branding should be colourful and fun. But if your audience is an elegant wedding then the colours and elements that we choose for branding also changes as per that.

Along with building your own brand image, creating a good brand identity also creates a huge difference to stand out from your competitors.

Eg. A chocolate cake from bakery A and bakery B tastes similar and same price range. But if Bakery A has premium branding and bakery B has generic branding. If you are someone like me, you would go to bakery A. It looks professional, clean and you can see the efforts that they have made to create a brand. Basically, it's not only about the taste anymore, your customer’s experience when he/she walks into the store or receives the cake delivery also matters a lot these days.

Marketing Strategy

Since BBB is a home-based bakery, the marketing strategy that we decided was to give a flat 40% OFF on one flavoured cake daily. So that the baker gets maximum orders for a single flavour cake and makes her job easy. Also, she accepts pre-orders only

How to promote your business?

  • Now that every age group is active on social media. I’m sure the best way to promote your business is through being active on social media and running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Ads can be run targeting local people in your city on special occasions like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter etc

  • We can also run special offers during the wedding season, pre-booking etc.

  • You can also promote your business via WhatsApp and Facebook groups. By sharing daily offers, customer feedbacks etc

  • Networking with people within the same niche also helps. You can share your catalogue, along with your business cards with an event planner, florists and caterers. To get orders for birthdays and weddings.

  • You can also give executive 10% discount to people if they share your cakes and reviews on their social media.

I’m sure after reading all this information you got an idea that branding is a very important part of the overall marketing strategy. With unique insights in mind to showcase the value of your business, we want to make an impact on the customer's mind. So that it can give them an extra opportunity to be a brand that is memorable.

If you are looking to brand and marketing your business. And would like to have a hire a professional to help you out. Please share your email id and let’s talk.

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