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About Me.

As a teenager I fell in love with album art, obsessing over the way the graphics on the cover of a CD represented the music encased inside. I was pretty thrilled when I found out that designing graphics was an actual job you could get paid to do, so I abandoned my initial plan of being a weather presenter (yes, really) and set my sights on being a designer. 

Years later (okay, many years later) I’m still obsessed with the way design can communicate so much through choices in layout, color, style & typography. I’ve been working in-house at tech companies for over a decade now designing marketing sites, event branding, landing pages, campaigns and even a coffee table book. I love this career, and it’s my personal mission to help anyone else who falls in love with design to succeed in their careers too. 

These days I lead the Brand Studio team at ConvertKit as Creative Director; applying my design and strategy strengths to improving the conversion rate of our marketing site and building our brand, and my skills as a mentor and coach to helping a talented team of creatives to do their best work. I work remotely from Valencia, Spain where I live with my partner and our two cats; Nora & Seb.

On the side I share everything that I’m learning and working on in my YouTube videos and podcasts to an audience of more than 250,000 people. I’m making the kind of real world behind-the-scenes content that I would have loved to see when I was learning how to level up in my career, in the hope that it can help other designers grow and excel.

My next big project is gathering all of my marketing design knowledge into a book about how to level up your marketing site and assets design processes and practices. You can follow along with the journey through my newsletter or on Twitter or Instagram.

Designing fun, colourful brands that are built on strategy and represent your values - not the latest trends!

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